With advancements in Content Management Systems (CMS) brands now have the ability to customize, monitor, schedule and deploy content across multiple locations – via an array of digital signage displays.

In a recent article looking at key digital signage trends for 2018, the author cites some key trends spotted at the 2018 Las Vegas Digital Signage event. What stood out was the emerging focus on Content Management Systems, from the analytical capabilities showcased by Scala, our long-standing partner; to clever use of IoT where Scala’s use of interactive mannequins to enrich the customer experience set even higher standards for digital signage transformation.

What sets digital signage CMS apart is the smart use of contextual content, paired with a smart design that helps to elevate the brand experience in-store. Forward-thinking innovative brands like Ted Baker, Clydesdale Bank Plc to name a few are already leading the way. Whether it’s a global or national solution, integrating dynamic CMS with a digital signage strategy helps to close the gap between the experience brands create online for their customers and the human element delivered in-store. This translates to possibilities that can genuinely set a brand apart from its competitors:

  • Drive footfall via engaging and interactive digital signage display
  • Grow brand awareness, sales and efficiencies
  • Create a seamless omni-channel experience
  • Amplify content across multiple screens and locations
  • Deliver real-time messaging
  • Drive conversions by delivering meaningful, relevant brand engagement

Content in the digital space is often cited as king, however as both the online and offline worlds get closer the same now holds true for building brands offline. Getting it right consistently and coherently across all channels can be challenging, to help make life easier work with a partner who can design, install, maintain and measure your solution over time.

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