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5 Traits of the Retail Store of the Future

The innovation of modern technology is changing the way we shop. Retail stores are in the process of trying to anticipate the future changes that customers want to see in their stores and making it happen. The retail experience of the future will include holograms,...

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Visualising your brand comes in all shapes and sizes

In a recent article Ben Silbermann, CEO of Pinterest, discussed the powerful role of visual discovery and how this is set to change the way consumers engage in retail stores. Silbermann referenced his childhood experience of visiting malls not just as a place to shop...

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Video Conferencing For The Modern Era

When last were you involved in a teleconference? We’ll wager that it’s been a while. As desktop video technology has become more affordable and easier to scale, teleconferencing has become a thing of the past. Video conference solutions used to be a communication...

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Retail Banking For The Digital Age

How Digital Signage is Transforming Banks into Engaging Spaces The high street has received some significant changes in the past few years with digitisation taking over many aspects of our daily life - but how has it affected how we bank? Online banking has, in many...

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Retail Transformation Event Video

Media Zest presented it's latest innovative audio-visual experience at Studio B, Clydesdale and Yorkshire Bank new flagship branch on Kensington High Street. The first in a series of events designed to showcase the latest and best in-store digital transformations...

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