How using smarter signage in-store can help you learn more about your customer

With the omnipresent nature of technology, there is a vast opportunity for retailer brands to utilise some of the most advanced AV systems tools to improve in-store performance. This article discusses some of the AV solutions brands can implement to shape customer experiences to attract and drive footfall. In order to succeed, it is imperative that brands get the concept of ‘omnichannel’ right. Rather than simply viewing the surge in online purchasing as a threat, smart brands are reverse engineering their marketing and customer services operations to maximise the opportunity that online presents.


According to recent research, the most common way that people shop today is to order online and collect in store (Click & Collect). Customers spend over £2bn online each year and the numbers continue to grow. This behaviour, coined ‘Omnishopping’ in a survey by Criteo, is a heavy driver of footfall with 28% of shoppers claiming to click & collect regularly.  Smart retailers are using this opportunity to upsell the footfall. By adopting smart in-store audiovisual systems like face recognition or face detection technology, brands can also take the opportunity to develop a deeper understanding of their customers. The rich data generated by an audience measurement system is the foundation for developing personalised customer experiences in-store.

Face Recognition and Detection Technology

Face recognition is a non-intrusive method of customer analysis that is arguably more accurate than traditional focus groups and surveys. The technology is fast becoming mainstream with smartphones offering the technology as a way for owners to unlock their phones.

Another innovative AV systems solution is face detection technology.  Ideal for understanding how customers interact in-store, it can count how many faces it sees, provide some basic profiling (e.g.gender), track where they go in-store and generate a host of other valuable insights that typically takes brands months to gather. Having pivoted their strategy towards a more personal customer service approach, Clydesdale and Yorkshire Bank’s new flagship store Studio B is a leading example of how this type of retail analytics system can work for both the customer and the brand. The retail analytics system designed and installed by MediaZest allows the brand to profile customers. This information is easily accessible by both the sales and marketing teams; it’s transforming the way they market and respond to customers.

Audience Measurement Potential

From dynamic marketing tactics to managing inventory to staffing, audience measurement systems offer endless possibilities for retail brands. The value of getting genuine customer behavioural data is immense – learning how customers behave rather than asking them is a major game-changer. Some top brands have already adopted this approach, but the full potential remains largely untapped.

In order for bricks-and-mortar businesses to win in the race to grab customers’ attention offline, and grow their ‘wallet share’, retailers must think outside the box. As Machine Learning, AI (artificial intelligence), AR (Augmented Reality) become more mainstream, customers will expect to experience a personalised service no matter what.

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