Holograms leave people astounded. We combine today’s latest technology with the 100-year-old “Pepper’s Ghost” illusion to create an effect that turns heads.

Product Launches

Hologram projection is the ideal experiential medium for product launches, presentations and conferences; in fact, anytime you want to create theatre and leave your audience mesmerised, you might want to consider this illusion. Holographic projection is used to create spectacular real-life 3D visuals. Conceptually, they are surprisingly simple, but making them work well requires a deep technical understanding and experience in this field.

Full design and Installation

As part of our service, we take care of all design, construction and project management of your holographic solution. We’ll give you the 3D effect that you want so you can surprise and entertain your chosen audience.

Unlimited Potential

  • Create a hybrid of virtual and live performances
  • Combine live and virtual content

You’ll have a thrilling piece of theatre that never ceases to amaze people. Holographic images are a great way to engage and captivate your audience, helping to make your products stand out in the high street and demand the attention they deserve. 

We were very impressed with the service we received from MediaZest.

“They were very professional from start to finish, and the end result was that our clients were delighted with the impact the ‘patient hologram’ made at their symposium, enabling them to really stand out from the crowd.”

Emma Herring, LUCID GROUP

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