Integrated Self Service Kiosks

Streamline business processes and serve your customers better with the new Samsung Kiosk

The new Samsung Kiosk allows businesses to quickly empower their customers to self-serve in any retail, leisure or restaurant environment. Grow your business by increasing throughput as greater numbers of happier customers can seamlessly order, collect and queue. Improve customer experience, reduce staffing costs and generate additional revenue by deploying this purpose-built all-in-one solution.

MediaZest can offer design, strategy and installation assistance to enable easy implementation, including integrating with onboard content management software and peripherals such as till receipts and payment processing technologies. Custom design of content keeps the technology on brand, and we can easily offer additional, linked services such as menu boards.

Wall, floor or countertop mounted solutions for versatility in store or restaurant

Return on investment

Today customers expect to be in control of their own journey and without the pressure being sold to, often upsell themselves using the technology. Return on investment is high with flexible monthly payment options available.

MediaZest for Kumpi with Samsung and Evexi