High-resolution LED screens are a highly engaging form of digital media and the next step in the digital display technology. The LED screens deliver your brand message on one seamless wall of video which leaves a vibrant impact and makes it unmissable.  

Why LED in Retail?

Nowadays LED displays are increasingly popular, particularly because of what they can achieve when applied in retail settings. The LED screens are perfect for the retail environment since there are no bezels, they have high brightness and low power. They make sure you catch the attention of shoppers with your brand message.   

The Benefits of LED Technology

LED display technology brings your brand to life with high-resolution visuals. The screens create powerful installations to help transform your retail space. Contrary to traditional display forms, the LED screens are perfectly seamless and do not get washed out by bright ambient light.


LED – Light Emitting Diodes, enables you to show your signage in a visual and creative way. Going beyond the traditional flat displays, LED can be used on different surfaces giving you endless possibilities for an impactful experience. Your creative content can be displayed through LED pixels on any structure of any size.

Environmental Friendly

LED displays are an environmental, cost effective and low maintenance choice for your digital signage solution. They use less electricity than the incandescent and compact fluorescent light options. The LED displays don’t produce as much heat as LCD’s and have a longer lifespan with more robust light than other sorts of lightning.

LED checklist

  • LED displays are completely seamless – the LED screens have no joins visible on the display and exist of a single block of video
  • Better value for money – in comparison to other types of display the LED screens can deliver better value at reduced costs
  • Size factor – LED screens are the only digital displays that deliver high impact on sizeable scales
  • The LED screens are suitable for bright environments – you can use them outside, for windows and bright atriums

We can provide flexible LED displays that fit an extensive range of installations. They can wind, bend and fold to suit any shape or size. The image shows an LED ribbon we installed in Clydesdale Bank’s Studio B as part of a wide range of technologies.


LED from MediaZest

MediaZest offers a full end to end service from system design & installation to content creation and content management. We provide a range of after sales maintenance & service options including remote diagnostics & creative content updates.

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