Digital signage is becoming increasingly popular, especially in industries like the retail sector, and many businesses are using digital screens to attract and retain customers. This type of advertising is ideal for any company that wants to display text, images, videos and other multimedia content throughout their business premises, and it’s a cost-effective way to deliver dynamic content to your target audience.


One particular digital signage solution that is becoming an increasingly popular marketing and communications tool for businesses is touch screen digital signage, also known as interactive digital signage. Touch screen displays provide a wide range of benefits that can help to boost sales, customer loyalty, brand awareness and recognition, as well as customer engagement, and they can have a positive impact on a brand’s long-term success. 


By incorporating interactive technology into their digital signage, businesses can create a unique experience for their customers and this can be highly effective in all sectors. Below we have explored the power of touch screen displays in more detail. 


What is Touch Screen Digital Signage?


Aptly named, touch screen digital signage is a type of display that is designed to be interacted with. In addition to displaying multimedia content, this signage system uses touch screen technology to provide customers with a hands-on experience. Customers will be able to access a range of relevant information via one singular display and the digital signage will provide an engaging and intuitive experience. 


The Benefits of Interactive Digital Signage


Interactive digital signage is a revolutionary and growing trend that is being used in a variety of industries, and in this digital day and age, it’s no surprise that it has been so successful. Taking advantage of digital displays to inform your customers can be hugely beneficial and using touch screen technology can help you to; 



  • Engage Customers



Unlike traditional static digital displays, interactive signage provides you with the opportunity to create an immersive and personal experience for your customers. When using this type of digital signage, customers can interact with the display to access information quickly and easily, leading to increased customer engagement. 


It is easier to build relationships with customers when they can interact with your business and touch screen digital signage will make key information about your business more accessible. The relevant and personalised experience that interactive displays provide will be tailored to your customer’s individual interests. They can help you to create a meaningful connection with your prospective customers, encouraging them to take desired actions and fostering loyalty. 



  • Inform Customers



As mentioned above, touch screen digital signage enables customers to access the information they need, when they need it and in the most efficient way possible. This technology will put the customer in control, preventing them from having to wait around to speak to a specialist and they can conveniently explore new products or services at their leisure. 


Using interactive digital signage, you can answer common customer questions and provide them with the detailed information they need. Not to mention, you can update customers on current promotions and the latest discounts, enticing them to spend money with your business. Providing your customers with up-to-date information can encourage them to order more than they initially intended. 



  • Improve Customer Experience



Interactive digital signage provides you with the opportunity to create a unique customer experience. By adding interactive elements into your digital displays, you can create an immersive environment and streamline the customer journey. 


Not only do touch screen displays encourage customers to explore the signage, creating a more memorable experience, but they also help to make your business stand out from the crowd. Using interactive signage can lead to increased brand recognition and loyalty as customers become more familiar with the business’s offerings too. 



  • Increase Sales



By providing customers with the ability to interact with the signage throughout your premises, you can provide them with the information they need to make the decision to purchase products or services. They will have everything they need at their fingertips.


Interactive digital signage can help to prevent prospective customers from leaving empty-handed and it can increase the likelihood of them purchasing on their first visit. Providing full transparency and detailed information about products and services can help to increase sales from both new and existing customers, and positively impact your bottom line. For many, touch screen digital signage has a good return on investment.



  • Boost ROI



It’s also worth noting that when you have touch screen digital signage, you can collect data that can be used to improve the ROI of your marketing campaigns. You can measure the success of the signage by analysing information such as how many people use the screen and what they use it for. This data can then be used to adjust the content journey to ensure your touch screen displays are as effective as possible and they’re generating an even better ROI. 


Which Sectors Should be Implementing Touch Screen Displays?


It isn’t uncommon to see interactive digital displays in retail stores and they are incredibly effective at engaging a new generation of shoppers who are familiar with online shopping. However, it isn’t just the retail sector that should be using touch screen digital signage and this modern marketing solution can be useful in the automotive industry too. Both dealerships and manufacturers are starting to recognise the potential of interactive signage and turning to digital solutions to boost customer experience and increase the likelihood of sales. 


Touch screen digital signage can even be useful in the finance industry and make it easier for customers to have control over their finances. Many banks are starting to introduce ‘self-service’ solutions to reduce waiting times and make banking activities more convenient. Using interactive displays can free up employee time too, enabling them to support clients with more complicated requests and improving customer satisfaction. 


As technology advances, the uses for touch screen displays will likely continue to expand and they will be seen in a variety of industries. The benefits associated with interactive signage make it undoubtedly worthwhile looking into this marketing solution in much more detail, regardless of what products or services your business offers. 


Using Touch Screen Digital Signage in Your Business


If you’re interested in incorporating touch screen digital signage into your displays, our team at MediaZest are happy to help. We provide our clients with an end-to-end service and we can assist you with everything from signage and touch points design to installation and aftercare. Over the years, we have worked closely with market-leading brands from a range of sectors on both a national and international level to help them stand out from the competition. 


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