Keeping your brand relevant to the digitally savvy consumer is no easy task, and for retail brands, the challenge is even more acute. How do you elevate the in-store shopping experience to ensure customers come back again and again? Is there truth in the retail design theory that audiovisual technology is the key to today’s in-store shopping experience? If this is true, how do brands stay ahead and remain relevant?

With rapid advances in AV technology, MediaZest engineers have done their own research and curated some key trends that brands can embrace.

  1. OLED & QLED

This technology brings your brand to life in-store on screen, with the highest quality resolution. This is good news for brands. Even better news is that they are readily available and are getting more efficient.

  1. New Screen Shapes

With manufacturers introducing new and varied shaped screens, thanks to thinner and lighter technology, there are few in-store spaces that are off limits. Now you can turn dead spaces, like a pillar or an area above shelving, into something more interesting.

  1. LED Revolution

It’s all happening in the boardroom, with manufacturers like Leyard pushing to replace boardroom projectors with ultra light LED tiles. Other manufacturers are focusing on easy-to-install options, too.

  1. Laser Projectors Go Large

Large venues can also keep ahead of the game with new laser projectors from brands such as Panasonic and Casio.

  1. Short Throw Projectors

Good news for trade show booth designers: now you can create even bigger images in tighter spaces. New improved short throw models are super bright and can help to make your message stand-out.

  1. Product Comparison Technology

Manufacturers are finding novel ways to get brands closer to the customer by offering side-by-side product comparisons, thus giving potential consumers the data they want and need to make an informed decision.

  1. Collaboration Technology

Long dominated by software companies, hybrid technology that enables physical touch, data visualisation and object recognition is now within reach for avant-garde brands.

Wherever you are in your in-store digital journey, elevating the shopper experience matters more than ever today. Talk to AV technology experts to get the latest update on solutions that are right for your budget and brand.